Brand excellence starts from within your company

Di Marca’s brand workshops are facilitated by brand experts with decades of business and brand experience; delivered to leading brands as well as small to medium sized companies. Our workshops bring out the best and unite the thoughts and ideas of your people into crystal clear concepts and understanding that drive brand performance.

In our tailored Brand Bulls Eye™ workshops we use brand principles and don’t try to make one process fit all because, like people, brands are different. We treat them as individuals to bring out the best in them.

Each Brand Bulls Eye™ workshop is unique. They are facilitated to create meaning around your brand – meaning that resonates with audiences on an emotional level. We use a combination of brand principles and ‘super learning’ techniques delivered in an open, entertaining and informative style.

The workshops are designed to coax out the insights required to create powerful brand connections and messages that set an expectation of an experience.

Brand clarity leads to power.